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An early start today: 6:30 alarm so I could get ready, breakfast, chat to Eleanor, and get to rehearsal for 8:30!

The rehearsal was good, but was interrupted by some pretty rainy weather… I don’t think that the pictures do it justice, but it was extremely heavy rain complete with lightning!

There was then a task for some volunteers to setup some of the stadium lights. It was an important enough task to warrant walkie-talkies!

We then came back to eat dinner, then headed off to our first concert: a Basecamp Bash for subcamp C and D! To stand out our uniform is bright green Hawaiian shirts, which worked really well for exactly that!

However the bad weather soon returned and we were forced to take shelter from the storm. We had a nice jam along to various popular songs (since we are all supposedly competent musicians!).

We also had another concert planned for basecamp Echo, but the bad weather returned for the third time and we had to cancel it.

Now off to bed for a nap so I can prepare for a 23:00–5:00 shift meeting and greeting participants!

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