Over the years I’ve developed and designed many websites for professionals, as well as smaller side-projects for myself.

I actually started programming in HTML & CSS when I was 8 (!) and have slowly accumulated programming languages along the way. After being exposed to HTML & CSS the next natural language to learn was PHP, which was the first “dynamic” programming language that I was introduced to.

Through a work experience with Savoy Systems I was introduced to Delphi and all of the fantastic OOP features, and then later extensively used C++ through various projects at university. I’ve more recently been introduced to Fortran and all of the performance advantages it can bring to a software package.

Keiron Anderson (2020)

Keiron is a high-profile conductor and composer in The Midlands, and his website was in desperate need of an upgrade from his old site that was originally written from scratch in 2006.

I setup a simple front-end to a new site using WordPress, as well as designing a bespoke calendar booking plugin that allows different ensembles to book Keiron for events, and further integrates with an externally-facing calendar for the public to see.

I also completed the transition from an old hosting provider (unnamed here, but a popular one that charges extortionate rates!) to a much cheaper and better hosting provider, Krystal.

Nottinghamshire Scouts (2020)

As Nottinghamshire Scout’s Webmaster, I recently updated their website to ensure it was easily maintainable and full of exciting content for prospective Scouts.

The Notts Scouts website uses the Divi WordPress theme, which has a host of features (and difficulties!), but ultimately allows for a fluent user experience on all devices.

Blowsoc (2019)

Blowsoc are a popular society at the University of Nottingham who facilitate rehearsals and concerts for students. Their old website was hard to update, was visually unpleasing, and was very expensive to host (through another unnamed popular hosting provider).

I moved Blowsoc over to Krystal, and set them up with a custom WordPress theme based off the Hestia theme. The custom theme includes a tightly-integrated committee position system, that would allow users to login and update their bio, profile picture, committee position, and social media links — this would then update to all of the relevant pages around the site.

Their site also includes The Events Calendar for easily scheduling events, and enables search engine users to easily find events going on with Blowsoc.